Web Branding Solution for Leading Crane Manufacturing Company

  • Jan 2021
Restructuring of MM Engineers Pvt Ltd Website with more User Friendly and Responsive Design in a very short time!
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MM Engineers Pvt Ltd is a leading Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer in South India and the first Crane Builder in Coimbatore with its own design in the field of Material Handling equipment. The website's homepage is prime for any business. It’s one of the most critical pages of a site and needs to immediately capture the visitor's attention, clearly explain the business, and offer an obvious call-to-action that invites the visitor to take the desired next step.


The client is having a strong consumer customer base throughout India and Overseas! So solid web presence is very essential to provide information to all with a clear and crisp manner. But the old Website design failed to satisfy the user needs in various aspects such as,

  • No Responsive Design
  • Poor Website Performance
  • Content Organizing lacks clarity
  • Design is very much outdated
  • More Products Images to be loaded in site
  • More Clients logo to show
  • Enquiry system is not solid
  • Not SEO Friendly site

 The Solution 

  • RMM used its own design framework more realistic and featured their products and services
  • We designed UI for highlighted their services and website constructed semi-dynamic mode
  • This ensures the DB interaction on-demand basis and performance of the Website is stunning all the time
  • We used the WEBP format for all images in this site instead of png/jpeg. So the site runs faster and gives the best performance
  • To help visitors to view all the services on the same page with all features and images
  • We used alternative designs (page) to showcase the client's logo with sliding mode. Looks very impressive and unique
  • The client can control their back end from DB and manage Ongoing projects Page, Clients Page and also can upload Projects images
  • We integrated with YouTube for dynamic videos in Website
  • Our unique, Intelli-Enquiry system was integrated with the Website to enable the rapid lead generation and receive accurate information from customers to reach them easily! To boost traffic, we used a self-pumping SEO approach to increase the traffic without any special work for SEO


The Result 

The new MM Enigneers website is clean, polished, and more reflective of their innovative approach.

The website received good feedback from most of the visitors and enquiry system proved to be solid to handle the leads and customer info effectively.

The homepage of the website now fully expresses the MM Enginners services and their values that make them different from competitors. The new user-friendly design guides visitors through the website, while still offering a prominent 'Send Enquiry' call-to-action.

The analytical system integration helping the customer to spot the visitor requirements by seeing the video! Nothing more than seeing the real user browsing experience, right?!

Our self-pumping SEO model helped our customer to gain more traffic even during COVID times!

Vimal Loganathan

Very passionate about commitment and quality. Once committed should be delivered! Vimal is having more than 15 years of experience in SharePoint and Microsoft technologies. One of the few professionals who worked on all the versions of SharePoint technology. Worked in various organizations from developer to architect; delivered various complex SharePoint applications with precise functionality.


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