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Our Mobility Services - How can we grow your business?
Our capabilities encompass everything in the web design and digital marketing space, including web design and hosting, SEO, social media, PPC, content writing, email marketing and more

Now trends are changing, desktops are going off, consumers and businesses increasingly prefer mobile channels to perform their day to day activities while 'on the move'. Mobile platforms enables easy access to the content by offering rich media (graphics and video), tailored messages for context (providing location or demographic information) and offers social connectivity (allowing communities to build around themes and needs) further Mobile applications reduces the cost of transactions, improves transparency and provides real-time access to the information.

RMM Technologies (P) Limited, with years of experience in developing mobile applications, offers reliable mobile solutions that seamlessly simplify business processes. Our solution comes with an integrated view of an enterprise; by offering comprehensive solutions to the enterprise - current and futuristic needs. RMM Technologies (P) Limited has a well-defined and proven framework to provide mobile solutions to all its customers and help them realize their business goals (improve productivity and performance).

Mobile Road Map

RMM Technologies (P) Limited, Helps clients to build a mobile roadmap by studying the risk and opportunity in:

  • Market & Unique competitive position (First mover advantage)
  • Technology complexities and landscape
  • User experience

RMM Technologies (P) Limited conducts extensive interviews with the client, stakeholders on their business challenges and requirements; thereby helping clients to elucidate their business and technical requirements and come up with unique own mobile strategy. Our approach helps clients solve complex problems associated with going mobile and helps to stay on top of the game.

User Experience

Success, of any Mobile application, depends on user experience. Organizations are realizing the need for a successful and engaging user experience that delight the customer and offer seamless interaction between business, customers, services and partners. Our Mobile domain experts understand, design, build, support and provide the end to end solution with a higher degree of expertise that guarantees success to your organization. Our User experience strategy is based on the following beliefs:

  • Provide precise and highly personalized user experience
  • Provide a unified and seamless experience across digital devices
  • Helps to build high-quality customer relationships
RMM Mobile Solution Accelerators

RMM Technologies (P) Limited Mobile solution accelerator, eliminate predictable process and helps to deliver a solution at a faster pace. RMM mobile solution accelerator further:

  • Helps to reduce time to market by using prebuilt connectors and workflows
  • Helps to connect enterprise systems and cloud platforms at a quicker pace
  • Provides comprehensive data security to consumers in case of partners and third-party developers
  • Provides full transparency into SDLC from roadmap to quality metrics
RMM Mobile Offerings

Our Mobile offerings spawn across different domains ranging from:

  • BFSI (Banking, financial services, and insurance)
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Health
Customer Benefits
  • Helps to improve sales and financial performance by aligning operations with a customer-centric approach
  • Reduces cost of operations by optimizing and removing supply chain and distribution bottlenecks
  • Reduce the risk of operations by forecasting and eliminating the operational risks and threats to the business operation
  • Niche solution in a highly competitive market place
  • Helps to improve profitability and market share
RMM Mobility Differentiators
  • Application of design thinking principles from the start to the end
  • Best-of-breed platforms, tools, and solution accelerators
  • Agile delivery processes from the word go
  • A huge talent pool of mobility experts for consulting, design, development and QA
  • Strategic partnership
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