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The company intend to automate its daily operational activities and business process. But lack of standard applications to match their business
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Royal resources mines are located in different regions of Australia and they are separated from one another by a great distance. The company intends to automate its daily operational activities and business process. But lack of standard applications to match their business activity proves to be a hurdle for the company.

The Client

Our client - Royal resources; Australia (AU) is a leading player in the global mining industry with exports spanning most of the countries across the globe.


Cloud-based Microsoft SharePoint Solution


RMM Technologies proposed a state-of-the-art - Microsoft SharePoint solution that enabled different business units (departments) of the mining company such as Human Resource - HR, Purchase, Audit and other units to scale efficiency at a rate known before.

File Management Solution (FMS)

File transfer (information) related to day to day operations were handled in a traditional way by using paper. RMM Technologies - FMS solution automated approval, audit and sharing the file to a large pool of people, eliminated traditional mindset and improved business efficiency. Purchase order formed the core part of FMS solution all the purchase processes are digitalized thus enabled loss of documents and increased transparency and speed of the decision-making process.

Timesheet Management Solution (TMS)

In the Timesheet management solution; employees applied for leave by a touch of a button and the approving authorities can approve or deny leaves based on the criticality of resources, workload and reason for leave and can plan the business operation with great insight and without significant slippage in the output. Customized business logic proves TMS to be a robust application.


Employees can access critical documents anywhere at any time and know about the latest happenings in the company and apply for leave and track their business process with respect to their business units and departments.


  • Increased Business Efficiency
  • Anytime anywhere access
  • The customized workflow that suits the changing needs of the company
  • Greater transparency in operations without significant loss of data
  • Improved brand value and satisfaction from clients and employees

Vimal Loganathan

Very passionate about commitment and quality. Once committed should be delivered! Vimal is having more than 15 years of experience in SharePoint and Microsoft technologies. One of the few professionals who worked on all the versions of SharePoint technology. Worked in various organizations from developer to architect; delivered various complex SharePoint applications with precise functionality.


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