Hacking Your Company: Ethical Solutions to Defeat Cyber Attacks

  • Mar 2022
RMM Technologies is a leading IT service provider delivering quality products, and we have more experience in solving hacks in the past.
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Cyber-attack or data breaches in this era are persistent in new technology. Any cyber intrusion infiltrating our computer system kills the sanctity of network security, pouring our system with deadly and malicious viruses. A cyber threat can be disastrous for our work, finances, transactions, and our very identities, the most common amongst them being the offence of hacking.

The Client: One E-com & financial services provider approaching RMM technologies for cyber-attack. They are running a business with software. This software does all the business activity, including Purchase, delivery, payment transactions, user logins, upgrades, and payouts.


Our client was very particular about business reputation and financial losses.

  • May post unwanted vulnerable pictures on the website
  • Threats in customer data - Personal information and banking details
  • Don't know where these hacks happened, and challenging to find the hack in the application
  • Stealing data and fake entries entered
  • Compromising credentials from the internal team or outside hacker

How does RMM help to control and secure the application?

RMM Technologies is a leading IT service provider delivering quality products, and we have more experience in solving hacks in the past. We have a robust technical team capable of addressing technical hacks and restoring data from the server.

  • Initially, we monitored every log and found the loop in the current application. From the client's point of view, we stopped unauthorized login and prevented some vulnerable images or hacker logos. It will help our clients keep their customers safe and have a good business reputation
  • After completing a careful evaluation, we identified and completed the data breach and restoration process within a business day without any losses
  • We turned off all old credentials don't as of now. We restricted and encrypted all URL and user credentials
  • Financial side, we stopped all the payments from the gateway and ran checks on every transaction if any payouts were happened to unknown accounts and found few entries and restricted. Its saves our client money worth of one-day transactions
  • Continuously monitored the system logs to find out the loop and take reports. All the internal user credentials were restructured and made safe and secure. And we restructured the current database. Periodically checked the database any other loopholes missed
  • Finally, RMM took control of hacks and implemented secure IT systems

We help organizations from all sectors operate securely in the digital world. Our expertise enables clients to resist, detect and respond to cyber-attacks. Our team works globally to support clients across the public, private and financial sectors, helping them to understand and reduce their cyber risks.

Some of the services offered to clients include:

  • RMM fits into your existing infrastructure & shape it securely
  • Assessing and measuring their exposure to cyber security risk
  • Developing a strategy and vision for tackling cyber security
  • Help companies consider what they would do when under attack
  • Helping the company to 'steady the ship' when under attack
  • Helping them to improve their governance and management of their access granted throughout the business


Developing a secured application is vitally important to the success of your business. You can't afford to lose your customers' trust by exposing their data.

No matter the level of your cybersecurity maturity, RMM technologies can help you fortify your security stance. With a flexible, practical, and proactive approach to cybersecurity, we can help you navigate the constantly evolving threat landscape.

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Vimal Loganathan

Very passionate about commitment and quality. Once committed should be delivered! Vimal is having more than 15 years of experience in SharePoint and Microsoft technologies. One of the few professionals who worked on all the versions of SharePoint technology. Worked in various organizations from developer to architect; delivered various complex SharePoint applications with precise functionality.


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