• Dec 2020
Men and women have shopped differently for generations, well before the first e-commerce store launched
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Men and women have shopped differently for generations, well before the first e-commerce store launched. While it's easy to translate the differences in retail settings for some retailers making the transition online has been more difficult when it comes to optimizing their online shopping experience for their targeted gender.

Women tend to do their homework a lot more than men and place more value on e-commerce features such as 'digital catwalks' When it comes to reaching women with e-commerce, it's a little more complicated than with men, The roles of women have changed since the birth of the Millennials.
When they stated that men are more likely than women to conduct 5 of 4 social shopping activities. Among these are:
- Reading product information and reviews
- Comparing retailers
- Finding product availability
- Getting store information via social media

This is opposed to women who are more inclined to search for deals and coupons for e-commerce sites.
Fashion items are more recognizable through images rather than descriptions. Why not consider implementing visual search technology into your e-commerce site? It simplifies the shopping experience, making the shopping journey a lot smoother, which is also something men are particularly interested in. The more convenient, the better.
Women spend more time on their mobile than men, so if you're an E-commerce store targeting females, make sure your store is mobile optimized. With the driver for this being social media, make this the main channel for marketing activities.

Women are more drawn towards deals and coupons, whereas men are less interested in getting a bargain, but are willing to research quality.
When targeting women, you should also target their friends and family as they're most likely to take into account peer reviews and opinions. Encourage reviews and discussions on product pages and harness social power.
Men who shop with you have most likely come to you with what they want already in mind. To make your store more appealing to men, pay attention to technical aspects, a seamless UX, transparency, and efficient checkouts.

Some marketers argue that it's not worth basing marketing activities on gender stereotypes, but there's plenty of research that defines differences between the two which can be helpful. Getting to know everything you can about your customer is paramount, so don't just stop at gender, also consider geographical location, demographic, and previous behavior observed from your own data. Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but both shop online, so don't scrimp on your market research.

Above all, we recommend that you pay attention to the culture of the individuals you're targeting. We RMM developed our own product for online sales which makes good scope in your business through e-commerce. Optimized solution with proven technologies towards all Business Application. Experience online sales with RMM.

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