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offer QUBES mini as SaaS (Software as a Service). Our QUBES mini software integrates the different aspects of your business under a single database.
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We are right in the middle of a global crisis.  In this Pandemic situation the norm now to stop the spread of this deadly virus, businesses, whether big or small, are facing radical changes. Businesses are finding it hard to run their operation smoothly. So companies are turning towards remote working facilities to keep their staff safe and ensure that their business remains fully operational.

Companies are turning toward remote working facilities to keep their staff safe and ensure that their business remains fully operational. The only way in this time of crisis is by adopting the SaaS-based solutions.

Our QUBES mini software integrates the different aspects of your business under a single database. Operations that get integrated include Planning, Development, Production, Sales, and Marketing Analytics.

How QUBES mini support SME's for their Business Continuity?

We offer QUBES mini as SaaS (Software as a Service)

Fully integrated operations allowing for consistency and visibility across the enterprise.

Our application is suitable for both large and small businesses. This is slightly a light-weight system that is customized according to the business vertical.

The implementation of application in your organizations will boost productivity, increase efficiency, and maximize sales growth.

  • Flexible - Easy to adapt and customize the system according to your business and allows you to manage the new processes or departments in the organization.
  • Architected for Advance Planning - Timely information of Process, Performance and Progress.
  • Provides real-time performance and measurements - An effective tool for analysis, improved customer service to augment labor productivity & production. Avoids undue delay in critical decision making through proper planning.
  • Optimum and cost-effective utilization of available resources - An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted application management system for your company. Cost control and cost reduction in production, sales, purchase, overtime/idle time.
  • Reporting - Provides immediate real-time reports on all modules that allow you to identify the current progress of all operations.
  • Approval Management - Every action in this application needs approval from top management for proceed next steps, like Quote, PO, Invoice, Expenses, etc...
  • Stock Management and Stock Advice - Manage your inward, outward and give stock advice report based on the availability.
  • Operational Cost - By owning a customized thick client application, the organization can manage the infrastructure, IT resource allocation is too costly. Now QUBES Mini You can choose to subscribe yearly and pay as you use.
  • Paperless - Reduces the usage of paper in the organization by maintaining the electronic records for all processes and provides security for the stored information.
  • Customers and Suppliers - Spend your time building relationships with your customers and suppliers and give them good reasons to choose your company and loose the competition.
  • Role Based Access -Helps you manage who has access to QUBES mini resources, what they can do with those resources, and what areas they have access to.

It is Really Enterprisingly Effective. It is a totally integrated, end-to-end enterprise resource planning business solution covering all the essentials of back and front office operations to deliver real-time transactions simply and affordably.

For more product details, log on to http://qubes.rmmindia.com/

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